Pro Bono

Let's  make a difference in this world together!  I've listed some of my charitable and socioeconomic interests below along with some great Pittsburgh organizations making an impact locally and some organizations making a difference on a broader scale.  Please contact me or refer me to others that could benefit from my experience, skills and/or time!



Food insecurity is surging, whether from the economic rollercoaster brought on or exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, wild weather and natural disasters or medical issues and debt. The idea of anyone going hungry pains me, but childhood hunger is what has moved me to action.   No child should be hungry, lunch-shamed or worried about what their family will eat next.


Providing affordable wellness services and resources to pets and owners in need, including targeting underserved communities, is key to improving the lives of so many animals and their humans. Let's stop over-population, help animals in medical distress and pursue universal animal cruelty protections!



The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the plight of the Low-Wage Workforce, many of whom are truly our essential workers.  This workforce segment, 44% of all workers 18-64 in the US, is not universally appreciated or rewarded by society.  The Brookings Institution's recommendations of improving worker skills, addressing discrimination and bias in the labor market and promotion good jobs through economic and workforce development are meaningful steps forward.



Free and fair elections are the bedrock of the American democracy.  We must seek to end voting disenfranchisement of eligible citizens.  Election Day should be national holiday - a right to celebrate and exercise.  Elections must not be tampered with, by foreign or domestic actors.  Those with the right to vote must advocate domestically and globally for similar rights for all.